Thursday, May 7, 2009

Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Team

"Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Team"
Have you heard this quote? I've mentioned it before and it came from a past manager we had here. This was also mentioned in the book Axiom by Bill Hybels. He writes, “If you cannot say ‘Follow me’ to your followers - and mean it - then you’ve got a problem. A big one.” We are all leaders in one way or another. I know owners, GM's and Sales Managers in the auto industry read this blog-but others do too. We're leaders at home, in the office or in social settings. Recently I was talking to a client about how he's managed to collect thousands of email addresses. He told me how his guys complain and moan about how "old people" don't have emails. Then he told me how he stepped up and took 4 or 5 ups that all happened to be older one morning. In front of all the guys he got all but one email from these customers. Now that he led by example I imagine he won't hear that excuse again in the near future. Today I hope we can all say "do as I do" instead of "do as I say." PS: Anytime I can get Penquins in the blog it's a good day. How can you not smile when you see them?!


Steven J Barker said...

Well said.

There is huge value in leading by example. But I must add there is a big difference between leading by example and "showing up" your staff. I don't think that's what your client was trying to do, but there are some managers out there who feel that there is value in that. When you maintain the respect of your team and set the bar at a stretching level, there is huge potential for success. Would you agree?

Direct Mail Diva said...

Steven-I would totally agree. It's an interesting point, because I hadn't looked at it from that angle. It never ceases to amaze me when people in leadership roles think it makes them look better to "show up" those they manage. Then no one looks good. Thanks for your comment!