Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Social Networking for Sales Day #6

No, I haven't forgotten about this blog series, I was just taking a break...please click on the "social networking" tag below to pull up all the blogs on this series. If you've been following along, hopefully you've signed on to a couple of the major social networking sites and have begun getting your own content out on the web. Today we'll be discussing leading people to your content & other sites you participate in. Letting Others Know Where You Are
  • Why not start with those that already know you? If your dealership or company doesn't already subscribe to a company like Exact Target to help you legally & easily manage your database marketing--talk to someone who can make that decision. Begin by getting the word out to your customer base-especially those that like to communicate via email-odds are they may be on some of the same sites you are! Send out an email letting them know where to find you and how to connect.
  • Include links to your podcast, blog, Facebook Fan Page or other social networking "homes" in your email signature. It's a subtle reminder to anyone you communicate with to check out your content & profile.
  • Link with your address book. Most of these sites (if not all) allow you to sign in to your Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or whatever email account you have and let you know who is already on the site. It will also give you the ability to invite new users from your address book.
  • Once you have committed to a site or two put your profile or websites on your business cards.
  • As you are inputting a new prospect or customer into your CRM or DMS tool-why not search for them on any of the sites you have a presence in? It's likely many of them will be there too and you'll have an open forum to congratulate them on a new purchase or just keep in touch.
  • Get involved with the groups that interest you on the different sites. Making a personal connection with someone is the best kind of bonding and rapport. Now that you shared a sports tip with someone-they're very likely to agree to be your friend, fan or follower on the site.
  • Stay involved & keep at it! This type of marketing slowly builds over time - you are building an entirely new database of people who will know you (and hopefully like you). Over time they are all going to be in the market for a vehicle--and why wouldn't the shop from a friend first?

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