Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing: the Roll Fold Mailer

Happy Hump Day!!
Exciting news this Wednesday from Tri - Auto, a week or so ago we came out with a brand new product, I believe it's brand new to the direct mail game in general, but who can be sure? :)

I wanted to wait until I heard from a few clients before posting on this product, but the reviews are in and everyone loves it, our first round of them are going to press this week so I'll be sure to update when we have the Marketvision results on how it's performing.
We took the best parts of all of our best pieces to come up with this one, here's what we're seeing work right now:

-High Quality Paper Stock. I used to be a believer that it was the message that counted, not what it was printed on. Wrong. For example, we just looked at one specific product that we commonly print in three different paper types, here are the results:
  • High Gloss, heavy stock (100# gloss) - 1.41% response
  • 70# Gloss (standard gloss paper for most companies) - 1.0% response
  • 75# Matte (high bulk) - .77% response
  • These are the averages of all our sales compiled using Marketvision data from the past 6 mos.
-The Right Message. I'm not going to give away all our secrets easily on my blog, but we've been able to pinpoint what messages are driving traffic, and what ones are selling cars. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes not.

-Slapping a key on it. It doubles response. Still doing better than a credit card. 'Nuff said.

-Self Mailer vs. Envelope. The self mailer is winning all the time now. Not just any self mailer will do though - toss your 11x17 tri - fold self mailer right out the window.

So we added up all these things that we actually know to be true. As you know we aren't guessing or relying on registration cards from dealers anymore, or even a human being greeter at the door counting people. We have real, online, in real time data that is collected from 95% of our promotions now.

If you want to see the Roll Fold Mailer - email me. We have three different versions - one that is prize focused, one that is event focused, and one that is image focused. Yesterday we designed a tax one and they'll be more after that. You want to see this one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where's your Intent?

You may find this surprising but I did not come to such marketing genius on my own :). Along with the other two Divas, there are many people who I look to for guidance and counsel - one of them being Bryan Neale. He's a sales/life coach here in Indy. ...and get this, he believes if your "intent" is right and you are truly focused on helping others, then good things will come. I love this concept and fits in with who I am. So I guess today will be brief - this is an intent check. When you talk to your first prospect, up or client today, where's your head? Are you thinking of how much you can gross on a deal or moving aged inventory or are you thinking of the person standing in front of you and how they need help? If it's the latter people know it, and in my opinion all the sales tricks & motivation in the world don't stack up to someone who is an expert in their field and genuinely wants to do what's best for their client. ...even if sometimes that's saying - I don't think I can help you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Domino's Gets It

After my last post on reinventing our businesses and industry, I thought this was such a fitting application of a company that is doing just that.
Have you seen the new Domino's commercials? If we are Facebook friends I'm sure you've seen my comments on how brilliant I believe them to be. If not here's a very brief recap.
The spots feature Domino's employees talking about how they sucked - "The sauce tastes like ketchup," "Crust is like cardboard," "Microwave pizza is better," etc. Then they talk about how it makes them feel, and how now they have a choice. ...continue to hide the criticism or 'face it head on.' They are choosing the latter. They've completely started over when it comes to their recipe, and not only that, they are TALKING ABOUT IT. The marketing campaign is just as genius as their decision to make a change. Check out their website dedicated to this reinvention. The documentary is great, but what I find fantastic is the up to date feed of what people are saying on Twitter about the new pizza. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, but either way it's honest.
So yes, Domino's is a national company that is very well branded and a household name. Shouldn't your dealership be the same way on a more local level? How can this story be applied on a smaller scale?
  1. Take an honest look at the strengths and weaknesses of yourself, your department, your store. If you want true honestly Google your store and look at the online reviews (if you aren't already doing this - shame on you!).
  2. Decide where the biggest opportunities for growth are.
  3. Commit to changing the things that need to be changed.
  4. TALK ABOUT the changes you are making. In your print, TV & Radio ads, on your website, through social media, etc.
  5. Put your money where your mouth is. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and make bold statements.

If you are looking for guidance in building a complete campaign - call me. We aren't just about event sales anymore.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Automotive Reinvention 2010

I'm back. The Diva blog has been on a hiatus for a few weeks as the team and I sat down to look at where we were headed for 2010. Like many of you, we made goals, strategies and implementation plans on how to get the most out of the year. Now it's nothing but full steam ahead as we move into a new decade. We've worked hard the past year to position ourselves for this moment. The moment when things turn and our economy begins the steady trek up again. Every dealer, manufacturer and supplier business in the automotive industry has reason to be proud today, they are still here and they are looking toward the future. While the big dogs plan their reinvention - shouldn't we all be doing the same? For many of you the charge will be led from the top to some degree. The marketing machine coming from the manufacturers will dictate your brand's focus, but what about that of your dealership? Will you focus on better customer service? Increasing service business? Improving your image in the community? Increasing gross on the front end? The back? I'm so excited for what the new decade holds for us as a company and a nation. I'd love to hear from you what your reinvention looks like and where you are putting your focus!