Monday, May 11, 2009

Missed Opportunities

Monday Pop Quiz-
  1. How many total ups did you have in your dealership last month?
  2. How many (that didn't buy last month) have been followed up on this month?
  3. Who is holding the sales team at your dealership accountable for continuing to follow up with the valuable leads the dealership paid for?
  4. How many opportunities is your dealership missing every week?

Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you want to know? NADA recently released a stat-

"Over 90% of people that visit a dealership are never followed up with."

Really? Think of all the time & effort, not to mention money that is spent on the marketing of a dealership every month--and then only 10% of those leads are followed up with--even once.

If this is an area you'd like to see some improvement with please give me a call. This is one of the central ideas behind our ADvantage plan and we do have solutions that will help with this tremendously!


Cheap Postcard Printing said...

Wow, that's a really big number. 90% of no follow ups? That's a lot of opportunities for potential sales lost. Marketing strategies need to be improved to address such issues. It's important that campaigns have follow through.

Direct Mail Diva said...

Thanks for your comment! I agree-my jaw hit the floor when I read the stat. I think about if I didn't return 90% of the call ins or emails I get. Wouldn't go over very well :)