Thursday, July 23, 2009

MailPlus Mail Delivery

Here's the latest in my "tutorial series." These post are meant to be educational for future/new clients and as a reference for those that work with us regularly. What is MailPlus? MailPlus is Tri Auto's own Mail Delivery program. The program follows all mail we produce from the time it is sorted and placed on skids until it is in your customer's homes. I'm unable to disclose the exact process but it begins with specific identifiers on your mail. We then follow up with a series of phone calls to the postal hubs & local post offices until we confirm at least 70% of the mail. Once we have confirmed everything you receive a report that outlines when mail should be in homes in the different markets you mailed to. Since the inception of MailPlus in 2007 we've practically perfected the "three day" mail delivery window. Here are a couple of tips to make this program work for you:
  • Use fewer zip codes. The fewer zip codes you mail to the larger the amount of mail going to each one. This makes the mail easier for the post office to identify (so our callers can determine where it is) and allows you to get a better grasp on how well that market responds to your mail (via MarketVision).
  • Be realistic about your "drop date." Our target in home date is the second day after the mail is delivered to the postal hub or SCF. If your sale starts on a Tuesday, yet you've decided to drop the mail on Monday it is unlikely Tuesday is going to be very strong. If you have questions on when the mail should drop please feel free to discuss that with Katy.
  • Clue us in! If this is your first or second time working with us and you have been plagued by late mail in the past--give us a heads up! This also goes for current clients--please let us know if the delivery has changed at all as we progress. We are happy & able to "red flag" jobs for special attention in areas we know have problems with on time mail delivery.

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