Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Katy Peat Intro

Katy and I have been working together since the day she started three years ago. She's always been the go to girl when it comes to zip codes, art changes and all the little details I seem to miss. She's now taking on a new role within our team as she explains below.
Katy Peat
Account Executive
Q. What is your favorite part of working at Tri Auto. I love my co-workers. A. I enjoy the friendships I’ve made as a result of working here as well as the ability to laugh away stress with some extremely funny people. Q. Tell us about your first car? A. My first car was a ‘91 Accord handed down from my mom, to my brother, to me. It was maroon which also happened to be one of my high school’s colors. We’d take “Zippy” to all the football games, decked out with painted windows, window flags, and all my friends in our jerseys. Q. What will your primary new role on our team be – how is it different than what you were doing? A. My primary role now will be account management. I’ll will be keeping in touch with our existing client base and consulting on future promotion ideas. The biggest difference for me will be adding in more consulting from the beginning as opposed to now, where I consult after a majority of the decisions have been made. Q. If you have the day off what are you most likely doing? A. Spending time with family or friends that live out of town or that I don’t see very much. I’m sure some kind of shopping is involved too! Q. What do you consider your areas of expertise when it comes to dealer marketing? A. I stay pretty in tune with what pieces and hooks are working. I will be the first to say, “Don’t take that off” if it’s a hook I feel strongly about. In addition, I understand how important it is to target the right customers in a market, while taking into consideration being able to hit the best zips without constantly hitting the same homes.

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