Monday, July 27, 2009

Tri Auto Sweepstakes Programs

A lot of our mailers have prizes on them--things like new cars, $10,000 cash, or even paying someone mortgage for a year. There are two ways to make sure you are covered when it comes to high profile sweepstakes. Group Sweepstakes Your mailer is "grouped" with other mailers until we reach 250,000 pieces. Three winners are then selected randomly from that group and sent out. A winner may be sent out in your mailer, or may not. This is the least expensive way to conduct your sweepstakes and the prize tiers are Grand Prize-$10,000 value, Second Prize-$1,000 value and Third Prize-$500 value. Odds on these prizes are 1 in 250,000. Individual Sweepstakes This is just what it sounds like-an individual sweepstakes policy for your mailer only. This method allows a lot of flexibility. Pricing is based on the value of the prizes and is considerably more than the Group Sweepstakes. You can have up to 6 different prize levels on the mailer and can do higher ticket cars and give aways. The odds will be based on the amount of mailers you send out-if it's 30,000 mailers odd will be 1 in 30,000. Winners will be sent out for all the prizes mentioned on the piece. Which is better? It's pretty subjective really. Whichever makes most sense for you is my answer. If your budget isn't huge, it makes more sense to get more mail out than to individually insure your prizes. You get different answers depending on who you talk to here at Tri Auto, but after 1,000 promotions my opinion is it's better to go with the group sweepstakes. You get more mail, and I have never been able to see a difference in response with one versus the other. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one-have you seen a difference using the different sweepstakes products on the market?

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