Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Social Networking for Sales Day #2

Engage with Others
1. Look for groups that interest you, personally & professionally. Social Networking has to be fun for you or it will become a chore. Begin by interacting with those you have something in common with.
  • Automotive Sales Related
  • Hobbies and interest-fishing, dogs, racing, bikes, car fan clubs
  • Alumni or Professional groups-Colleges, Sales Associations, Dealer Groups
  • Geographical-Local Networking, Business Associations

2. Follow the groups and add content when ideas or questions are posted, or post some of your own. Interacting within the groups will encourage getting to know new users.

3. Add people to your network. If you're interacting with someone on message boards or via the group chat board add them to your friend list or network.

The "technical stuff"

  • On LinkedIn access the groups link in your left sidebar on your home page. It's the second option down below "home." Search group by keyword, or start your own.
  • On Facebook access the group info on your home page. It's at the very bottom on the "applications" tool bar three icons over is a little people picture. Clicking here will take you to the "groups" page.

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