Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Automotive Sales Person #1,

Disclaimer: I do not sell cars, and I've never worked in a dealership. I was just recently a car shopper and have some advice for the salesperson I spoke with at the first place I attempted my purchase. Later I'll write my letter to the person that sold me a car. Thought I'd share :) Dear Automotive Sales Person, It's me, your customer. After leasing my car with your dealership and using your service department for every service over the past three years, I thought to call you first when determining what to do for my lease turn in. Here are a couple of things that would have kept me from driving 45 minutes out of my way to purchase a vehicle from a dealership in a different market--just to keep from dealing with you. When I tell you I'm not sure what I want to do, please share with me your expertise on the different options. I look to you to be the expert. Don't make me have to ask for every idea specifically--I don't know what to ask for! Be nice. Just because I've purchased at your dealership before & you are the only local option it doesn't mean I'll stick with your brand or your dealership. Be understanding & caring. On the heels of the last one, at least act like you'd like to sell me a car. Make me feel like my business is important to you, after all you've already had it the last 3 years. Be honest, up front. Please don't tell me what I want to hear, only to negate it later. I'm a big girl, and I'm cool with the truth--I'd just prefer it first instead of when we're getting ready to make a deal. Here's a seemingly easy one...if I call you--why not call me back sometime that day, instead of three days later? And finally, as a first time lease customer if I have questions about "disposition fees" and what constitutes "excessive wear and tear" please just explain it to me. There is no need to constantly reference a document I signed three years ago that I certainly don't have at my office. Sincerely, Your ex-customer

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Thanks for posting this. I feel the same way at times when out with my friends.