Thursday, April 9, 2009

Phone Tips for Event Sales

One of the other Marketing Consultants here put together this document to help her dealers when they are preparing their sales staff for an event. It may seem like common sense, but depending on how the calls go that you listen in on--you may need it!
Phone Tips for Event Sales Most people who call will start the conversation by saying, “I got this flyer in the mail, and my numbers match.” You should say, “Great, come on in and we’ll check to see what you’ve won.” They may ask what they have won…. And this is very important You say, “Well, if your numbers match you have won something in the prizes listed on the flyer---It could be the car! We won’t know until you bring your flyer in and scan it here at the dealership.” They may ask if this is a gimmick. You say, “No someone has the winning # for the car—just like someone has the winning number for each of the other listed prizes. If your numbers match, you have definitely won something!!” Do not say—they have to scratch the sticker at the dealership. Scratching it at home is what gets them excited about coming in. Do not say—everyone is a winner or everyone wins something. How special will they feel if they think winning means nothing? AND they truly may have won the car!!! Do not say—“Are you interested in buying a car?” They may get in the car buying mood when they get on your lot, but they most likely will not be on your lot if you ask this question! Just tell them your name and offer to help them scan their flyer when they come in. Think of yourself as a fisherman. You have a baited hook, but if you move to fast, you’ll scare off the fish and never have the chance to set the hook. Good luck and happy selling!!

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