Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How do you know what Automotive Marketing is Working?

We are in the midst of launching our Dealer ADvantage program this month. I'll start a series of posts on it after I've had a little more experience with it. Here's the basic foundation though: How do you know what automotive marketing is working...and what isn't? If dealers knew the answer to that--they could start cutting what isn't working, increasing what is, causing a better response for less money. Is it possible? IT IS! We're doing it with mail right now using MarketVision, and I can now start helping you track your other marketing as well.

Contact me if you want a more scientific approach to the following:

  • Tracking all foot traffic-capture their contact info, find out what message brought them in and add them to your CRM
  • Tracking all phone traffic-know your call volume, what marketing produces them and what doesn't and use recordings for future sales training opportunities
  • Tracking hits to your website-you can probably already see how many hits you are getting-but how do you know what's driving traffic? Figure out what is sending people to your website AND capture

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RyanSawrie said...

Stephanie! You have a blog, that's awesome! You've definitely got some great knowledge and experience to share with the world. Glad to see you doing it. Hope you're doing well.