Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Automotive Sales Person #2,

A follow up from Monday's post. This dealership wasn't cheaper or convenient, however, they helped me which was more important than either of the other things. Dear Automotive Sales Person #2, Thank you! Thank you for making my car experience easy and fun. I really appreciated your friendly demeanor and desire to work on a plan that was best for me and my husband. Here are just a few things you did that really stood out to me... You did what you said you would! Thank you for always calling me back promptly and having the information you promised. You were honest. No, I don't want to pay to have new tires put on my old car, but at least you let me know that was part of the deal up front. You realized my time was important to me. Instead of several trips up to your dealership to look at my car, test drive, etc. You got my financing finalized before hand and all we had to do was drive up and sign on the dotted line. You gave me options I didn't know about! I couldn't have asked the first sales person about "select financing" because I'd never heard of it. You then brought to the table a demo you had available--the combination of your suggestions became our best option. And in conclusion, you were a nice guy that acted like you cared and wanted to help me. Anytime I'm making a major purchase I'm looking for an expert to help me make the best decision. After driving away in our new car last week I felt that we had. Sincerely, One of your newest customers PS: Thanks for offering to come get my vehicle so I could use your service department when it needs something. I'd feel weird going in to my old dealership.

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