Monday, April 27, 2009

Social Networking for Sales Day #1

The next couple weeks I'll be writing on utilizing Social Networking to gain sales. This could be for individual sales reps or the Dealership marketing as a whole. We'll start simple and build up to the more detailed stuff. This is the future of marketing and those that get on board now will be far ahead of the rest when everything becomes more mainstream.
Getting started-
1. Set up an email devoted to all your social networking. Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. all offer free email accounts with a lot of memory. You'll use this email as a user name for all your social networking sites so you are easily search able for people, and you can keep everything in one place.
2. Have someone take a good digital head shot photo of you. Save the photo as your "bio photo" to your desktop so it's always handy.
3. Sign up! Start here: Facebook & LinkedIn. Others would add MySpace to the list too but it seems to be less effective than the other two. We'll cover others later but these need to be a priority.
4. Fill out your profiles. Create and fill out the info on both sites, don't forget to add a picture! Remember to be careful about how personal you get on your info, things like religion, politics & weekend drinking parties are things to consider before posting.
5. Add friends! Search your email contacts for others you know that are already members. Connect with those you know!
Feel free to contact me if you have questions over any of these steps, I'm happy to walk you through them!
PS: If you are already a member of both of these sites, take a minute today or tomorrow to "clean house." Remove any pictures or content you believe could be counter productive to gaining business, or any that present an image of you that isn't what you want presented.

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