Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Event Sale Call Ins--the good, the bad & the SO ugly

Last time you did a mailer with me, or with some other marketing firms we have may have thrown in a "toll free call tracking phone number." Raise your hand if you know what that means for your business...that's what I thought. Here's the deal: -You have an unknown (to you) toll free phone number on your piece -People that receive your mailer call this number -Like magic it rings in to your mail dealer line like usual -Your phone pro answers and passes off the call to a sales person (let's hope)
What happens next?
Why not find out!
Here's what most dealers don't do and I don't always do a great job of explaining. -Call me or Katy and ask for a user name & password to the call tracking website -Log on to the website and LISTEN to the calls -Print out the lead list of everyone who called in and FOLLOW UP with them What a HUGE training opportunity! You can play back calls for your sales team at a meeting, or work with individuals one on one. Just taking the time to listen to a couple calls a sale when ensure not only people walking in, but also those that call are treated in the right way.
One of the many call tracking reports:

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