Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I do it...better yet, why do you?

Lately when someone asks you what you do--what's the reaction when you mention you're in the automotive industry? People tend to look at me like they would a grieving widow and offer their condolences! Seriously. So I know business isn't what it was 2 years ago, but a lot of us (everyone in or connected to the industry) are still out there working, helping others and bluntly, making money. In the booming times it's easy to be happy about what you do, when times get a little harder is when you really figure out if you're where you are supposed to be. So why do you do it? Why do you stick with it, through the ups and downs? Here's my take on why I'm still here-and enjoying it! Please share your own stories as a comment! I started at Tri-Auto in 2004. I had just graduated from Purdue University and had no earthly idea what to do with my life. You may not believe this, but it's tough to get started in the Direct Mail business. A typically day is making about 100 cold calls to GM's, owners, and sales managers. They have no clue who you are, and it's likely you are not the first or last to call that very day trying to discuss mail with them. After three months I finally had my first client (bless you Mike!), and after a year I was bringing in enough business to reach our internal benchmark when you're considered to have "made it." Now, five years, 32 MILLION pieces of mail, and almost 1000 events later I'm still here. Why? Because I freaking love you guys. I get to work with and talk to car guys (for the most part-I love my girls too!), all day every day. Car people are FUNNY-most of you are laid back and just really smart business people. Every day I learn something new and you definitely keep me on my toes. It's also really fun and good for the soul to help people every day. That's how I look at my career. I get to help dealerships bring in more customers, so their sales people can sell more vehicles and provide for their families, the Sales Managers can be heroes to theGMs and Owners, and now more than ever, so that Dealers can continue to prosper--turn a profit and stay in business.
This job that I love also helps my family and me to dothe things we enjoy--spending time on the water, traveling, going out with friends, and donating to & volunteering for those that need it. So why do you still do it? What keeps you motivated and waking up every morning ready to get back to business? Here's my little piece of motivation--my family out on the lake this winter. Me, Andy & Charley

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