Friday, February 6, 2009

Automotive Event Sale Tips #1

I'm starting a series today on tips for before, during and after your direct mail campaigns. Some of these will be specific to Tri Auto clients, but for the most part these should be able to translate to any mail campaign from any company. These tips are based on best practices from other automotive clients.
1-2 Days Before your Sale
  • Rearrange the lot. Put your price leaders up front on the road--make sure the showroom is looking good!
  • Double check that you received your Ultimate Prep Pack (if it's missing check the service department-it's a brown box with white and green tape that says "event material enclosed")
  • Balloon & Hang tag your cars. Hang up all the banners, around the lot and balloon up the cars. Get a sky buster or two - make sure everyone that drives by knows something big is going on.
  • Make sure your MarketVision kiosk has arrived. Find a central location in the dealership to get it plugged in and set up.
  • Have a meeting with your sales team & reception desk staff. Let each sales person try out the kiosk with one of the sample mailers provided.
  • Go over basic phone training so that everyone knows what to say regarding the sale and how to answer questions.
  • Test your log in with the Tri Auto website. Make sure you can log in to see the MarketVision data as the sale is happening and to be able to get credit leads over the weekend and after business hours.
  • And finally hire this guy to fly over in his balloon and park it on your roof for a few days :)

What else do all of you do to get your dealership ready for a big event? Comments?

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