Monday, February 9, 2009

Automotive Event Sale Tips #2

During Your Sale
  • Follow your process. Whatever that means to you. Whether it is making sure each customer is registered via MarketVision, or it is having the sales people fill out up forms for every person before taking them to the prize board. Making sure all customers have the same great, uniformed experience is so important--and you are sure you're doing all the tracking needed to have successful future events.
  • Keep up with the leads. With credit websites, personal websites, phone call logs and MarketVision real time reporting there are up to four different ways for you to be collecting and following up on leads. Many dealers print everything off in the evenings and hand them out to the sales people the following day for follow up if there are down times. Be sure to check out the best ways to follow up with people from each lead source.
  • Take the time to train. Heard something you didn't like on the recorded call ins? Notice on your MarketVision report that Sally Saleslady had talked to 24 ups and hasn't moved a unit? Use these concrete examples to help nudge along sales people that have some room to grow.
  • Call if you sense something is wrong. Especially with mail delivery. We're on the phone with your local post offices before and during your event. If you feel one market isn't responding or something is off--call sooner rather than later!
  • Keep stock of your gifts/premiums. If you are giving something away and realize your supply is dwindling, be sure to call by noon the day prior to order additional gifts. If it's too late we can also provide rain checks so customers don't feel let down.
  • Keep the energy UP! Use games, spiffs, and contests to keep the morale up to handle the carnival atmosphere that typically is involved with an event sale.
  • And finally, communicate. If you have questions, are having trouble logging in or working the MarketVision kiosk, or really anything at all please call me or Katy so we can help you through it.

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