Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PURL Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few questions I've received regarding PURLS. Please shoot me an email or comment with any additional questions and I'll be sure to post those as well. Q. I'm trying to increase traffic to my dealership website, won't having another website on the piece confuse the customer? A. We've found the most successful PURL campaigns are ones in which they are the only website on the mailer. This does not mean you won't have dealership website traffic off the mailer! After the consumer has answered the 3 questions on the survey they have the opportunity to go to your website straight from the PURL to view inventory and get more information. You get traffic to your website & have qualified information on the lead that is looking! Q. The people in my market are not Internet savvy, they don't use technology. The PURL wouldn't work here. A. I'm not a know it all, and honestly I live here in Indianapolis and know this market. I don't know yours personally. There are Internet Service Providers all across this great country. It could be very true that the people you typically see responding to a Direct Mail campaign are not computer types--why not open up a new way to respond to a new type of person?? I'd be truly be surprised if there aren't some "techy" people in your area-who also happen to be in the market to buy a vehicle! PS: You also don't have to have a technological genius on staff to get and follow up with the leads! Q. I already use a credit website on our mailers-isn't that enough? A. Credit websites are a great tool, they are a quick & easy way for people to log on in privacy and enter their credit information. They are also great for dealers because you have all the info before you ever have an appointment with them-you know what financing you can help them with and probably have vehicle picked out that fits that criteria. They are great. BUT they only appeal to someone that is concerned about their credit. Someone with excellent credit is typically not going to fill out an app prior to coming into the dealership. The PURL appeals to anyone that would like more info on your event but doesn't like to gain it by just showing up or picking up the phone. The PURLS have a link to the credit website, along with your dealership site--so you can still get all the benefits of the credit challenged, while picking up some new leads that have better credit. Q. What's the best way to follow up on a PURL lead? A. Simply put, quickly & in the same manner the responded to you. More and more you've been hearing me say "respond to your leads in the same way they contacted you." In any marketing campaign there are those that will call, email, or come in--soon they may even be text messaging you. This is the way these people feel comfortable gaining more information, and you know it! If someone hits the PURL page a very timely personal email from one of the sales people or managers should be the first step. Most of these people report they are in the market to buy in the next 1-6 mos. Courteous follow up is then obviously a must. Q. Can I get the PURLS from you? A. Of course you can! Mail companies that offer PURLS take care of everything for you- including Tri-Auto. You don't have to go out and secure another new vendor. They are inexpensive and very easy to understand. Most the time they are just a few pennies a piece.

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