Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making All Customers Feel Luxurious

I had lunch today with my new friends Chuck and Jenni, both are also Indianapolis folks. We got to talking about what we all do and after hearing I work with Auto Dealers Chuck tells me this story: My wife and I bought both of our vehicles from the same dealer group (whom I won't name). One from one of their import stores and one from a domestic dealership. We spent about twice as much on the domestic vehicle--but you wouldn't believe how much nicer it is to visit the import store! "When I bring the car in for service I don't event mind." It's so nice-free drinks, free WiFi, and they even have little offices you can use to get things done. The domestic store is a totally different story, it's crowded and loud, and you even have to pay for a pop if you'd like something to drink. Then he asked me "why don't all dealers treat their customers like the import location?" This was followed with a conversation regarding the domestic brands vs. imports. So I ask you guys with the crowded service areas that don't even offer complimentary beverages to your service customers--why? The more comfortable a customer feels in your store, the less they mind waiting for service and the more likely they are to buy their next vehicle from you! Chuck's last question was "Can the courtesy shuttle take me over to the import store until my domestic vehicle is ready?" Has anyone wanted to go to your service waiting area before?

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