Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Powerful Words & Phrases for Direct Mail

I'm in a LinkedIn group focused on direct marketing.  Someone posted an awesome forum topic recently asking for the hot buzz words different marketers are using right now.  This got me thinking about some of the phrasing we use and have used in the past. 

Along with some ideas from the LinkedIn group, here are some of the top key words and phrases we have found to be most powerful, I'd love to hear from some of you on what you see success with as well!

First from the group:
  • Free, Yours Free, Free Gift
  • Reliable, Safe, Secure - Especially in this market, both automotive and economically, I like it!
  • "But wait, there is more..." "Did you know..."
  • "Call Now!"  "Act Now!"
  • You, Yours, Your Own - How can you lose when you make it about the reader?  so many advertisers lose sight and make everything about them.
From the vault here at Tri Auto:
  • Opportunity - "Your Opportunity is Here" "This is One Opportunity You Won't Want to Miss"
  • Creating a sense of urgency - "5 Days Only" "This Week Only" "Don't Wait, Hurry In" Just a side note on this one, many dealers and advertisers like to leave the window for response wide open in the effort to lengthen the amount of time for traffic to respond.  Without a sense of urgency things sit on counter tops for weeks, or get stuck in a purse or glovebox and forgotten.  Even if your urgency is vague (This Monday to Friday only) it will appear urgent to the recipient.
  • Win Big - "Win Big!" "You May Be the Big Winner" "Someone in Your Area is a Big Winner"
What words & phrases would you add to the list?

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