Monday, August 24, 2009


I reference Marketvision quite a bit but it's been a while since I blogged on it. Here's some quick info-for those of you who haven't experienced this technology yet.
What is it?
Marketvision is a computer kiosk that comes with every mailer we provide. It's delivered a few days before your sale in a black crate, then picked up a couple of days after your sale. Setting it up is as easy as: 1. take it out of the crate, 2. put it on top of the crate, 3. plug it in & turn it on.
What does it do?
Quite a bit actually.
On the front end it:
*Tells customers what they won (replaces the prize banner) *Collects customer data (phone, email, trade in, etc)
*Helps manage traffic *Provides a final closing tool with a voucher with additional trade in money
*Gives salespeople an easy way to collect email addresses
On the back end it:
*Links in real time to our website-you can log in 24 hours a day to view up to date data
*Provides reports on zip code response, lead contact lists, leads by salesperson, and an easy format of all leads to export to your CRM.
*Shows you exactly the response rate you received off the mailer and/or other advertising
*Allows you to capture not only ROI but missed opportunities
Why should I use it?
All the reasons above are many of the reasons our dealers choose Tri Auto. The largest gain we see from clients using Marketvision is our zip code analysis. After 3-4 sales with the technology Katy is able to perform an in depth look at what areas are performing best, we can then narrow in on those zip codes eliminating the ones that don't do well. This has allowed us to double response for the same (or less) budget with several of our clients.
Current clients-why do you use MarketVision? What should other dealers know about this program?

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