Friday, August 21, 2009

Are You Going Soft?

I'm fortunate enough to work with Bryan Neale at Caskey here in Indy. Caskey is a sales training firm. We were meeting together a couple of weeks ago and he was asking me about business, I was sharing with him the inventory struggles, tight credit and Clunkers ups & downs my clients have been facing as of late. He listened and finally said "are you going soft? It sounds like you've lost your edge Steph." And that got me thinking-was I starting to let everything going on around our industry affect my attitude and determination? Maybe a little--I can see now that I was starting to challenge dealers less on if what they were doing was working, starting to accept the notion that maybe the market couldn't be moved, basically stopped doing my job. What about you? I think we've all gone down that path a little this year. I see it changing in many of you though! Cash for Clunkers has reminded dealers what a full showroom is like-and given them hope that people are in the market to buy, they just have to have the right incentive to do it. So here's the real question-what are you going to do to keep from "going soft" again? ...and here's where I do my job. I can provide you with traffic, brainstorm new incentives to drive even more people in, and perhaps best of all, I can show you REAL DATA from hundreds of sales to help you determine what mailer would get you the results you are looking for.

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