Monday, August 10, 2009

What do we do with all this...traffic!?

Love it or hate it the C.A.R.S. program has ignited an interest in car buying again across the country. All week I've been hearing things like:
"Last month was close to, if not our best new car month ever." - Ford Dealer, Troy, OH
"July ended as our best month in a long long time and we're hoping August will be even better." - CJD Dealer, Chickasha, OK
One thing is for sure-traffic is up. New car, Used car, clunker traffic and lookers-with all the media buzz the public's focus has again shifted to vehicles. Now that your showroom is full again--what do you do with all that traffic!? Here are just ten ideas for making the most of the increase in traffic:
1. Get their email addresses! Many of these customers have probably never stepped foot in your store before, make sure the salespeople are going through the process and getting all their info--including emails! This is a great time to build your prospect database for future marketing.
2. Put your best foot forward. This program truly is unique and rare--make sure the dealership staff is making a good impression and building strong relationships that will outlast the current program and hype.
3. Reach out to your current customers. With all the commotion make sure your message is loud and clear to the people you've done business with in the past: "We appreciate you and want you back!"
4. Maintain positive attitudes. Things are crazy, and this is a good thing! Watch out for deteriorating attitudes as tensions rise on busy days.
5. Continue the momentum. With your marketing you always have to be looking ahead. Two weeks from now what will the showroom look like? Now that the first rush of Clunkers customers has come and gone how will you continue the steady flow of traffic? We've already developed some pieces for this time frame so give me a call if you'd like some ideas.
6. Refine your sales process. Over the past few months things may have become a little rusty, utilize your morning or weekly sales meetings to brush up on the basics.
7. Ask for referrals! Print up some fliars with the dealership info on them and info on a bird dog or gift for referring friends and neighbors. Again-basic Sales 101, but are you doing it at your dealership?
Shoot me an email if you'd like the final three ideas on what to do with the increase of traffic at your dealership. If you haven't seen the increase in traffic it might be a good idea to email too-we can help with that.

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