Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is a landing page?

Here at Tri Auto we are constantly looking for additional tools & resources to help make dealership marketing stronger. What we realized a year or so ago was that to improve something you have to be able to measure it...which is why MarketVision was born. Now that we can measure every angle of our direct mail scientifically (foot traffic, phone traffic & web traffic), we're trying to help dealers measure all their marketing in an effort to get the most bang for their buck with their ad budget. This is where Landing Pages come in. A landing page is a simple website that's name typically matches your store name or the name of the promotion you are running. When someone goes to this website it prompts them to enter their contact information in exchange for some kind of reward (service coupon, raffle entry, etc). Find an example here. They are then redirected to YOUR website. In essence, it does three things for you:
  1. Captures contact information for follow up (and building email databases for future marketing).
  2. Allows you to track what forms of advertising are working and what aren't.
  3. Drives additional traffic to your website.

For the first time ever--yes ever--I'm offering a blog special. If at the time we start your next mail job, you mention this blog post, I'll hook you up with a FREE landing page to use on your mailer or on any other form of advertising you're running that month.

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William Bryant said...

YES! Landing pages are extremely useful in collecting information. Underused by the auto biz.