Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reveal the Deal Mailer

I don't do this often, but I'm just too excited not to today. I have to brag on my company for just one post!!
Yesterday we had our big, monthly meeting and a new product was rolled out. I had seen a quick proof of it and had even seen the paper size and the new stickers it uses, but once I saw it all put together I was completely blown away!
Here is the neatest part about this mailer. We know it will work. I know that sounds cocky, and yes I just "knocked on wood" but here's something we can do that no one else can-no one. We can say we know exactly how a certain piece works, thanks to MarketVision. Every thing about this mailer from the color, to the placement of hooks, the personal website, and the size is the best of the best. We've taken everything that we have actual data saying it works and put it on to one hell of a mailer.
After using our MarketVision kiosks for a year we now have enough info to start making our company better for you--and once you use it a couple times we can do the same for your company (see my previous blog this month on using MarketVision to increase results and lower your costs).
That's it--I promise I won't do it again for a long time. Give me a call if you want to actually see the literally BIGGEST mailer possible-with brand new stickers instead of scratch offs. You'll like it.
I'll leave you with this--a quote I just got via email from a client sending this piece out at the end of the month:

"Outstanding! I'm really looking forward to this mailing. Everyone is pretty impressed with Godzilla."

-Mark, OH

Ford Dealer

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