Monday, January 26, 2009

Opening the Month?

Next week when I'm making my calls to check in & start talking about February I'll hear a lot of "call me in a couple of days I'm closing out the month." I know I've mentioned this first week of the month phenomena before--the first week--when nothing can happen, when hours are spent looking backward, and an entire week of the month in front of us is wasted and just allowed to slip by. I'm proposing something new--a new was of thinking. This new way of thinking is to take place on the last week of the month. It's called "opening the month." This will be a week of planning and thinking. A week of taking the time to compile actual data from last month and deciding what worked, and what didn't. Yes, final numbers won't be in, but by the time they are, it no longer matters. After realizing what worked for you--call back your marketing people in those areas and ask them what's working for them now & what they expect to work next month. Just think-when the month starts you already know what type of advertising you'll be doing & you have some ideas on what it will look like! A large majority of our business goes to press the second week of the month. What's that mean? It means a large majority of mail is going out the final week or week and a half of the month because no one takes the time to plan ahead of time. Be one of the "planners" and capitalize on being the first dealership to send out the latest piece. This goes for mail, internet, TV, radio etc. This week, why not start OPENING THE MONTH of February?

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