Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marketvision 2.0

The new generation of Marketvision is here!  This technology continues to grow - and it's helping our clients be smarter about their marketing.

So what's new?
  • Different templates. - you can choose between 3 different templates for the kiosk with more coming quickly.  We consult to find out which set of questions best fit the data you are trying to capture for your dealership.
  • Increased online reporting. - you can still log in and see all the data from the sale in real time but now you can see when people visiting your dealership say they are in the market to buy, where they get their vehicles serviced and what marketing messages in addition to direct mail are being noticed.
  • Easily upload data into your DMS or CRM.  No double entry, scan the barcode on the mailer and it captures name & address - it then prompts the customer for their trade - in, phone number & email. 
Want to see more?  Email us today for a sample sale report!

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Tim said...

Great blog,

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Tim Little