Friday, November 6, 2009

Bulk Mail vs. First Class

Future clients often ask me "do you use bulk mail?" My answer is..."sort of..." Here's the low down on bulk mail and how it can mean very different things to different industries and companies. The best way to describe is - yes we take advantage of bulk postage pricing, however we do what we can to control the delivery window. If you ask the post office they will tell you it takes 12-15 days for bulk mail to be delivered from the day you send it. If you ask me it takes 2-3 days on average from the day we deliver it. We go to great lengths to ensure this time frame and on average 90% of our mail hits within it. Check out some of the things we do and a few you can control to help your mail delivery here in my MailPlus post from this summer. So, to the real match up today-First Class vs. Bulk Mail. Which is it? It does depend on what and who you are mailing. As long as you are doing at least 3,000 pieces in a realistic area around your dealership I'm going to say Bulk Mail all the way. Why?
  1. It's CHEAPER-much cheaper
  2. It's trackable-after we drop First Class mail there is no finding it-it floats around in post office la la land until it reaches its destination.
  3. I trust Bulk Mail through our MailPlus system to be more reliable than First Class.

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