Monday, November 17, 2008

Tracking Incoming Sales Calls

I'm sure many of you spend some time and money annually training your sales staff. You may have even done some phone training...but do you truly know how the calls are being handled? If not-WHY!? There are several companies out there that are dedicated to helping you track phone calls and record them for "training purposes." We provide them on every single mailer and as hard as I try the vast majority of dealers never bother to log in and see A.) Where the phone traffic is coming from, and B.) How the people are being handled on the phone. What can call tracking do for you? -It can give you good, concrete evidence as you coach your sales people. -Good calls can be great examples for you as you train new ones. -Phone calls should be treated as "ups" and "response" to your campaigns. They can and should be followed up with just as much as someone who walks in the door. If you aren't following up, you're missing deals. -It can show you what markets are responding by phone as opposed to thru the door...and what aren't responding either by foot or by phone. -Finally, and maybe most importantly, it's a great way for you to hold everyone in the dealership accountable for the image they portray of your business every time someone calls in. Today I'm writing about this because tomorrow I have the opportunity to interview Mr. Todd Hudak. Todd has been helping dealers across the country with the customer experience. He's a master when it comes to phone techniques, and has a lot of great ideas and opportunities on how to make the most out of every lead that calls in. If you want to do some homework prior to the interview his website is: Before you can work on taking calls with you sales team you need to know where they stand today. If you already have these tools at your disposal take a few minutes today, to log in and listen to some of the recent calls. I think what you hear will surprise you.

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