Friday, November 21, 2008

Automotive Dealer Sales Training Tips #2 Interview with Todd Hudak

Continuing where we left off last time, more of the interview with Automotive Sales Training Todd Hudak...

Q. Let's get specifically to one of your specialties, phone training. What is the biggest opportunities dealers are missing in regards to incoming calls?

A. Most are missing two very important things, what influenced them to call, and they aren't gathering enough information. NADA says if a dealer gets 100 phone calls they are closing 3-4% of them--and that's if they are doing a "good" job. That's 96 missed opportunities. There are several things dealerships should be focusing on when it comes to incoming calls:

1. Why they called. In a lot of stores I suggest the receptionist handle this. When he/she answers the phone it is simple to as "Is this your first time calling or are you currently working with someone? Fantastic, what influenced you to give us a call today?" Again, give them a spiff on it--$.50 for every lead source they get. Then the person is logged and it's noted what sales person takes the call.

2. Be accountable. If one person is in charge of logging who calls then a dealer can start to get a grasp on how much phone traffic is truly coming in. They can start running numbers on what sales people are turning calls into handshakes and what ones are missing opprortunities and have areas for improvement. This information, along with the marketing info on what brought them in is invaluable. But the most important part is increasing the closing ratio.

3. Set a solid and specific appointment. Many sales people I've talked to bombard with information. The goal is not to sell a vehicle on the phone, the goal is to have a set appointment with specific info so that the dealership can be prepared for the appointment. I say a lot, "chance favors the prepared mind," it's not just chance if someone buys, a lot has to do with being prepared. So many sales people treat an appointment like a walk in! It's crazy! They know the person and why they are coming in, they should be given the red carpet treatment. Several vehicles should have already been picked out and checked up on, they should already know why the person is coming in. The dealership has invited this person to their "party" at this point, be sure they aren't disappointed when they show up.

We'll wrap up this three part series next time. Below is a quick video in which Todd gets into some of these ideas a little more specifically.

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