Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Final Post: Automotive Dealer Sales Training Tips Interview with Todd Hudak

After hearing about Todd and checking out his video, some of you might be wondering if he can help you. The final question I asked him was: Q. What type of dealer are you looking to help? A. I've trained in Bentley & Rolls Royce dealerships, all domestics, most imports--basically the product doesn't matter and the size of the dealership doesn't matter. There are some things I look for to be sure I can bring some value to a dealership before wasting their time or money. They have to be willing to learn and willing to make changes. If not, there is no reason to have me in. It's also nice if they have some kind of CRM and a workable BDC set up. Really the best relationships I've formed have been with dealers that are willing to embrace change and understand that change is a long term growth plan and not a quick idea of the month club. If anyone wants to contact me the best way to reach me is typically by email or cell as I travel all over the country. I can do individual dealership consulting, or they could attend my upcoming phone skills training program if they feel that's an area for improvement at their dealerships. The December phone skills session is now fully booked, but we're currently taking reservations for the January session. Contact Info: Todd Hudak Hudak Consulting Cell phone: (859) 992-4166 Email: Website:

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