Thursday, September 18, 2008

So excited about MarketVision!

I'm so excited today that I just had to share! I'm not sure how many have you have heard about MarketVision, either from me or your friends in the industry. BUT, it's doing much more than I ever expected. The quick story on MarketVision's a technology Tri-Auto Enterprises has developed over the past two years. A kiosk is shipped to the dealership a few days before the sale starts. It's a touch screen computer terminal. Instead of the ups checking a prize banner to see what they've won they scan a bar code on their mailer at the kiosk. It captures their name, address, phone number and email address along with trade in information. Then a receipt is printed for them telling them not only what prize they won, but also offering them an extra amount on their trade in. MarketVision then compiles the data for you! There are real time reports that show how many ups have come in, plot them on a map, tell you what salesperson worked with them and also shows you the percentage of return from each zip code. Finally we know what zips are worth hitting, and what aren't! This "real time" feature just went live last week. It was especially exciting for me as one of my event teams had a sale going in Lancaster, Ohio that was really kicking butt. It became addicting as I logged on every 30 seconds to see how many ups they had that day. By the end of the week they had 909 people in off of 30,000 mailers! It was so exciting to be able to see the success as it happened. In addition to that, all 909 of those people will receive an additional, First Class, follow up letter the week after the sale inviting them back in. They're free to the dealer as a part of the MarketVision program. Finally, there is something new in the direct mail marketplace! Tri-Auto offers this program along with many of the mail houses and event teams that partner with us. Ask your direct mail consultant if it's something they offer--if you like being able to track your ROI, the success of your sales people, and what areas are truly your market--I have a feeling you'll geek out like I have been too! If you're curious, here's a quick video showing how it works: And, here's the daily up totals from that sale I mentioned: Daily Analysis Date # of Ups 9-13-2008 246 9-12-2008 197 9-11-2008 248 9-10-2008 168 9-9-2008 41 9-8-2008 9 Total Ups: 909

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