Friday, September 19, 2008

Did you know you can target a saturation list?

I'm still surprised about how many people don't know about the new possibilities with your good old fashioned saturation/current res list. Early this year several new functions were made available and they are really increasing the response on these mailers, and can also affect the quality of traffic coming in if they are used correctly. The first new addition is a "names where available" feature. This does cost a fraction of a penny more to use, but I just throw it in on all mailers-it's worth it for the increased results. Basically an average of 80% of the list will have the person's name instead of just "current resident" or "future satisfied customer," etc. We can pull a list count ahead of time so you'll know the exact amount of names available in your market. It's typically pretty close to 80% though. So what does that mean for you!? For one thing it's more personal to the person getting the mailer, which gains their attention and makes them more likely to respond. Secondly, if you like to do the flashy mailers with the person's name all over it (aka Variable Data) this makes that such a more affordable option! You no longer have to pay the postage hike and additional charge for a names list. Brilliant! Finally the other fantastic new option on the saturation lists are...average demographics! We all know there are certain areas in every market that aren't worth your marketing dollar when it comes to different media. This list now allows you to target parts of zip codes and decide whether or not to use them. Each zip is broken into carrier routes (for example your mail carrier delivers to your neighborhood, the one across the street and the one down the road), we can then look at the average age, income and home value for each route. It's a great way to really target your market without paying for the pricey lists and postage. To my knowledge this should be available to all list providers. If you haven't heard about it from your direct mail consultant, it's definitely worth a quick conversation. If you're look for a new consultant feel free to contact me. Happy Friday, have a fantastic weekend!

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