Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September Quick Stats

We just released our stats for September and I just wanted to share what's working...and what's not. Based on over 300 we go! Do's
  • Add a key to anything! It increases your response to an average of 1.07%
  • Check out the new "over sized" products that are out and about. The Jumbo 9x14 inch postcards are averaging 1.64% response! With one sale topping 2.56%.
  • Give some thought to some new premiums. Many of these sales used our new "audio player" this FM scanner radio looks like it's momma was an Apple I-Pod and it comes in three fabulous colors--Black, white, and (my personal favorite) pink! Lots of dealers are also giving scratch off lotto tickets a shot, either from your state lotto, or from us-we have some scratchers with million dollar winners!


  • 11x17 tri fold self mailer. For the time being this old favorite has slowly made its way to the bottom of the heap. With .46% being the average response, even the best sale was only a .67% response. It had a great run, this product is the cheapest piece of direct mail to ever hit the market, which is probably why it's been completely over saturated the past 2 years.
  • Stick with the status quo. Our #1 seller is a theme by the name of "Emergency Sell Off" you may have seen this red, white and black wonder from about 185 other companies. It's been ripped off and duplicated so many times that no one even tries to claim the rights to it. It's still our top selling piece, dealers love it....however, it doesn't even make the Top 5 on our list of most successful themes. Don't be afraid to try something different...what is it mom always said "the definition of insanity is..." you know the rest.

Those are the highlights. Basically the key is BACK, and overzised mailers is where it's at. You may be thinking where do I get these numbers? Well no, they aren't from your dealer friends' accounts of the sales, they are actually documented through our new MarketVision technology. See my post from last week on this little gem we've developed over at Tri-Auto.

Good luck gearing up for your October promotions!

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