Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Marketing to TODAY's customer

Who is today's customer to the automotive market? When I say "today" that's what I mean. Who is shopping for vehicles in October? Obviously the market has been on an extreme landslide since last week, and everyone I talked to assumes that means no one is buying cars. But they are, the only difference is--their reasons have CHANGED. Has your marketing changed to target these "new" buyers? Old buyers There are still people with leases running out, kids turning 16, needing a winter vehicle and having vehicles break down. These are not the people that direct marketing stirs to action. If they get a piece from you during this time that increases the likelihood they'll shop at your dealership instead of others, but it's not going to stimulate them to start the hunt. New buyers So who is the new buyer? People are concerned about their retirements and nest eggs, and just plain how much they are spending these days. Gas seems to have become less of the issue and the general budget at home has taken center stage. So how can the automotive industry help during these struggling times? You can help by getting them into a newer, more efficient vehicle to decrease maintenance. You could hook them up with a more gas friendly car than what they currently have in the driveway.
But really, let's be honest it comes down to a monthly payment. You could help them cut their monthly payments in HALF or more.
Two, three, four years ago for many people a $500-$700 car payment was something that made sense, now all of a sudden it looks crazy. These are the people you can help, and they aren't just the "bottom feeders" these are people with good credit, good jobs, and possibly even some cash down. These are the people that are reasonable & responsible that are realizing a BMW isn't as important as some cash in the bank for security. At Tri-Auto we're very focused on keeping up with the times and marketing to TODAY's customer. We just came out with our "Bail Out" piece that focuses on how you are helping "bail out Main Street while the government bails out Wall Street." If you want to check it out let me know. Otherwise, just be sure you are changing your marketing as quickly as the times are--it IS possible to "stir the market" with the RIGHT message.

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