Monday, January 18, 2010

Automotive Reinvention 2010

I'm back. The Diva blog has been on a hiatus for a few weeks as the team and I sat down to look at where we were headed for 2010. Like many of you, we made goals, strategies and implementation plans on how to get the most out of the year. Now it's nothing but full steam ahead as we move into a new decade. We've worked hard the past year to position ourselves for this moment. The moment when things turn and our economy begins the steady trek up again. Every dealer, manufacturer and supplier business in the automotive industry has reason to be proud today, they are still here and they are looking toward the future. While the big dogs plan their reinvention - shouldn't we all be doing the same? For many of you the charge will be led from the top to some degree. The marketing machine coming from the manufacturers will dictate your brand's focus, but what about that of your dealership? Will you focus on better customer service? Increasing service business? Improving your image in the community? Increasing gross on the front end? The back? I'm so excited for what the new decade holds for us as a company and a nation. I'd love to hear from you what your reinvention looks like and where you are putting your focus!

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