Monday, October 12, 2009

Gaining Exposure for your Service Department

We've all learned a lot the past year or so. As an eternal optimist (and a Recession Virgin so to speak), I've been looking back personally and professionally and determining what can be learned from the recent history. It seems many dealerships are doing the same. Some are finding that somewhere during the era of the fast cash and quick deals the sub prime market granted--some fundamentals were lost. One such fundamental is that of marketing and promoting the Service Department.
  • First off, does your Service Department have an advertising budget? I'm aware there are different ways of book keeping and accountability when it comes to how budgets are dispersed but there should at least be an amount earmarked for every area you want to promote. If not, it's inevitable something will be pushed to the wayside.
  • Secondly, how are you using this budget? In my opinion there should be a part designated for retention and one part set aside for new customers. Either way take a look at what you're current doing and how well it is working.
  • Thirdly, begin thinking more strategically. Who are you hitting with your messages? Who is missing the message? How are you layering the service message throughout all the dealership's marketing? What are you doing to turn your sales customers into service customers?

This week the Diva Blog is all about the Service Department! Stay tuned for some marketing ideas and an interview with a service expert. I'd love to hear from you--what changes have you made to increase revenue on this side of the dealership in the past 18 months!?

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